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Did you know that half of marriages in the United States end up in divorce? The rate of divorce for ensuing marriages could be much higher. A couple has to communicate freely and productively. You ought to have a positive attitude towards each other. Restoring your bond requires patience since it might take some time. You should not be ashamed to talk to a marriage counselor to help you.

Communicating with your partner

Communication is a vital foundation for any healthy relationship. It is very important for you to spend some hours daily talking about personal issues. Make an attempt to establish the exact cause of your partner’s pain.

Listen attentively to your spouse. Also, you may attempt to make your partner laugh. These are constructive strategies that may help to resolve disagreements. As a husband or wife, give your partner constructive feedback. The latter points out a particular behavior rather than attacking your spouse’s personality.

Praying together

Pray for your partner. You can pray that God will bless your spouse with foresight and understanding. Pray for your significant other to love you. You can also pray for each other to unconditionally love your children. Keep praying for the physical, mental, and emotional health of your spouse. You may pray that each one of you obtains God’s favor. Pray that your partner gets divine power to resist any sexual enticement.

Visiting a Marriage Counsellor

Seeking professional help is also important. It is common to find a husband and wife fighting over parenting and finances. Some programs, such as marital education programs, educate you on effective communication and good listening. These programs also focus on conflict resolution, greatly reduce the chances of divorce. Seek the services of a counselor, especially when you are facing adultery. Addiction or disrespect is also grounds for you to visit a counselor.

Rebuilding your Intimacy

Rebuilding intimacy. Remember how you first met your spouse, when you got engaged, and your first date. Also, remember the highlights of your wedding, or the moment your children were born. Relieve your feelings during those moments.

Daily acts of kindness such as complementing each other, writing notes and emails are important. Exciting dates, weekend getaways, or day trips, and opening up emotionally can save your marriage. You have to be open to your emotional and physical needs to save your relationship. Touching, kissing, and having sex frequently will restore your intimacy.


You can save your marriage. Keep communicating with your partner by talking daily and giving your partner constructive feedback. Make praying together with a daily habit. Ask God to pour His favor and wisdom on your children and partner. Register for marital education programs to improve communication and reduce chances of divorce. Complement each other, go on dates, touch, kiss, and have frequent sex together. Consider the benefits of saving your marriage on your kids, your partner, and yourself. It’s up to you: Do you want to save your marriage or not?