• TaskThe art of writing

I have come to realize that the real meaning of international integration is found in combining cultures and knowledge. As a result of this, since I began dreaming of earning a global education, I have always desired to earn a universal degree since it is the best platform for me to share and learn new information. Also, as a graduate from a business school who earned a good GPA, I have always had a thirst for post-graduate education. Nevertheless, since I am a persistent and optimistic person, I resolved to use my work experience to earn a universal degree that will equip me with connections, leadership, and knowledge and where I can also merge my work experience at the same time.

I have always been interested in business studies since middle school. I first got keen on finance when my dad educated me about his finance practices. During that duration, I got interested, and I desired to know more information about financial markets. Consequently, my interest made me pursue finance at an undergraduate level. When I was pursuing my undergraduate, I became a member of the investment club, and this provided an avenue for me to learn more concerning markets and the world of finance.

During my internship, my supervisor mentored me, and it reignited my interest to pursue this Master of Finance. I also feel that I am adequately prepared to begin and complete this new academic journey. I was involved in a project whose major objective was to bring out a better perspective of people’s economic lives. The project had many respondents who came from different economic backgrounds. After this, I also volunteered for a similar project where I managed a large team for almost six months. I have always enjoyed taking new enterprises and increasing the effectiveness of projects.

For example, when I realized that some of my respondents were unable to retrieve data, I took a different approach. I started a pictorial diary where they would document their daily transactions. Using this method, it became much easier for my examinees to establish the direction of their earnings and spending, which finally assisted them in coming up with economic decision-making much more easily. I effectively made this project to become a tool for financial literacy for them.

I have a solid belief that the transformation from a supervisor to a leader will become much more accessible through the help of this degree which will furnish me with many-sided information mixed with my practical experience. A higher business degree will also enable me to be ambitious in the corporate globe. It will also help me get a position in industry-related finance and open doors to favorable professional opportunities in any industry.